Just Days Away from the 1st Annual , Yeah Hop! Festival


There are quite a few Bands that we have covered here at 50thirdand3rd that will be part of this line up. From one of the earliest bands to agree to chat with us “The Above” to a Band we discovered through Hidden Volume Records ” Quitty and the Don’ts. If you are anywhere near New York City this would be a pretty cool way to spend your day….

from….Yeah Hop.com
YEAH HOP! – Is a new Music / Film Festival / A Sonic and Visual exploration of what it is to be in a moment. The things you say, the way you feel, the observations you make, I guess it’s just an art of being within itself.

Hey do you remember the time you sang me that karaoke song and then you slapped me across the face? I know I was out of line but sometimes I can’t help myself. I mean sometimes I get so excited about a tune that I feel like I’m going to explode. I want to express it somehow but I just don’t know how to contain it. I mean it makes me wanna break things, scream my guts out and throw my body around. I don’t know what it is, might be a line in a song or a film or something you told me but I am unable articulate myself in words or actions and rather than say something sensible or simply leave the room I will jump in a strange manner and shout out ‘yeah yeah yeah’ for no reason while people will turn and observe with strange expressions ‘what’s wrong with that boy?’

Anyhow I’m very proud to announce the very 1st YEAH HOP! Stay tuned for updates…

@ RADIO BUSHWICK 09/20/2014
Doors Open @ 12PM till Late.
$10 cover

YEAH HOP! Is a new Music / Film Festival / A Sonic and Visual exploration of
what it is to be in a moment. The event will be happening Sept 20th and
starts at noon till late, admission is $10. The line-up for bands includes
the following bands…Also of note is The UV RACE will be screening their
film ‘Autonomy and Deliberation’ only the 2nd screening in NYC.

@ Radio Bushwick – 22 Wyckoff Ave, NY, NY 11237
$10 admission

Church Bats
Skull Practitioners
Bradley Dean and the Terminals
The Greasy Hearts
Rosy Street
The Forz [Boston]
The Above
Quitty and the Don’ts
The Mystery Lights
Raccoon Fighter
Autonomy & Deliberation screening [a film by Johann Rashid starring the UV

small sample of tunes ….

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