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Let’s gloss over the perfunctory historical information.  Mondo Topless was formed in 1992.  One of the benefits to being around so long is that someone went to the trouble of creating a Wikipedia entry.  So if you want all the details (and an exhaustive listing of all the former members of the band), you can go there.


That being said, let’s fast-forward to 2010, shall we?


To change a type of activity in a surprising and exciting way.

That’s the definition of the well-known idiom “turn on its ear”. While recording the songs that would comprise “Freaking Out”, the newest album from Philadelphia garage veterans Mondo Topless, guitarist Kris Alutius remarked, “This is gonna turn the garage world on its ear.” One thing is for sure: “Freaking Out”, their 3rd album on Get Hip (following “Go Fast!” and “Take it Slow”) and 5th overall, is unlike any other release they’ve had in their long history.


Shortly after bringing new drummer Steve Thrash into the fold, they decided to augment their set list with a couple of covers that they thought would be fun to play. Before they knew it, they had built themselves a healthy repertoire of “new” songs – some recognizable, some not so well known, and still others that seem to defy description, at least in the “garage purist” sense.


The band challenged themselves to put their own unique twist on each of these songs, making them their own, while retaining their original spirit. Sure, all the basic garage elements are there: fuzz guitar, snotty vocals, cheesy organ… but there’s something else, something more. As Get Hip head honcho Gregg Kostelich said, “This is no garage band covering ‘Dirty Water,’” and he’s right. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself.


Band Members

Sam Steinig – Lead Vocals, Vox Organ

Kris Alutius – Guitar, Vocals

Scott Rodgers – Bass, Vocals

Steve Thrash – Drum


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