Jr. Jr. brings a Show to Mercy Lounge

This past Thursday night in Nashville was a busy one, but you all missed out unless you were in attendance for the Jr. Jr. show at Mercy Lounge on 1 Cannery Row. Hippo Campus started us off with an amazing opening performance. Singing their big hit, “Suicide Saturday” and bringing the energy in the room to full attention. I loved watching them jump around stage and singing songs from their new EP that was just released, South.

Then the crowd waited patiently as they watched the stage get set up for Jr. Jr. Lots of shuffling around and many people working to get everything set up perfectly and a small gasp as they unveiled the covered up and huge, vibrant background in big white letters- JR JR. It was time for the show. Immediately on stage was members of the band, Daniel Zott and Josh Epstein and they did not stop the entire show. Singing all their amazing hits plus even a cover, that stage lit up behind them and blew us away. And did I mention, bubbles! The crowd was a dance party and Jr. Jr. was eating it up. Clapping along to those popping synth tunes and singing along to those choruses so big and loud, everyone felt part of the show.


Mid-show Josh Epstein spoke out to the crowd wanting “to address the elephant in the room” that was appropriately staring us in the face all lit up and bigger than life. He wanted to explain why they shortened their name to Jr. Jr. as opposed to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Stating that even though the NASCAR driver liked the music, the name was kind of like a drunk member of the band. Not really contributing anything but that is all people wanted to talk about. Jr. Jr. lets them be taken more seriously about their music, and letting the music speak for itself I don’t think the fans are really going to have a problem with the name change.

I was in a dreamy headspace the entire show. So much energy and passion going into the songs they delivered to the crowd. They love doing this and it completely shows. They love their fans and the music they make. Jr. Jr. came off extremely genuine to me and I am so excited to see what the future holds for them. Turning Mercy Lounge into a dance party with an entrancing visual set up and a blissfully organic performance, Jr. Jr. put on a show that was fun for the audience and one to remember.


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