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Just like any artist touring the country for years, Joshua Powell has seen some stuff over the years. After 900 and some odd shows, I’d imagine each Motel 6 looks the same, drive-thru food is just assortments of textures, and taking turns sleeping while someone else drives is about as good as it gets. But for Powell, the stuff he has seen relates more to his personal evolution as both a person and an artist.

Originally what some would call Pitchfork bait, Powell started his foray into the music scene as an acoustic singer-songwriter. Sometimes guitar, sometimes banjo. His music was collective and honest. Unfortunately, just about every artist in the united states had the same idea. But instead of leaning into this new white boy sulks with guitar trope and chasing publication coverage, Powell wanted to grow. And grow he did!

Touring relentlessly and getting an address in Indianapolis, meant he could use his homestead as a hub. See, that’s the interesting thing about a place like Indy. It’s doesn’t have an exhausting scene like Nashville or Austin, but it’s directly in the middle of every market. If the south doesn’t bite, the north is an option. Is it cold in NY? Perhaps you can go west! The Indianapolis music scene is one of freedom and experimentation.

That is, until the pandemic of 2020 hit. But instead of ironic zoom covers and binging junk food, Powell and company started working on themselves. Out of the ashes like a phoenix comes the band reinvented, energized, and ready to take on the next chapter of their careers. It’s time to be a straight-up rock n’ roll band.

Ahead of the release of Skeleton Party, their upcoming album of reinvention at Romanus Records, 50Thirdand3rd have the honors of premiering the lead single. “Sad Boy at the Skeleton Party” is not only a wired beast of fuzz and harmony, it’s a battle cry. Joshua Powell isn’t worried about getting a headline at Pitchfork these days. With a full band effort and a distorted guitar, he is all about what we love about rock n’ roll in the first place!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Joshua Powell – “Sad Boy at the Skeleton Party”.

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For more information on Joshua Powell, please visit Joshua Powell Music – Official Site.

Skeleton Party, the full-length album, will be available at Romanus Records.

cover photo by Fred Miller.

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