John David Williams Premieres Single, “All Expenses Paid”

For those not familiar, John David Williams is a singer/songwriter based in Orlando, Florida. I actually had the pleasure of being in the same music program as John many years back, and what I can say from my experience of the man is that his love and his depth of dedication to music is nothing short of inspirational.

From his budding solo career and weekly gig regiment to his involvement in a myriad of projects (including a Beatles’ “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” tribute), there is seemingly no show that isn’t worth the time, dedication, and precision Williams brings to the table. From Williams, the song was “written from the point of view of a guy in his late teens/early 20s who moves out and then back into his parents’ home, and though they are accommodating and supportive, he sees the move back as a regression.”

We all know something of that experience. On the track, Williams is on full display with a sincerity that is felt throughout. Special consideration for fans of: REM, Wilco, Big Star

Listen to the single here

Catch him if you’re in town at Thomas Wynn’s weekly writers’ circle, “The Circle,” @ Dexter’s in Winter Park, FL on Tuesday, July 23rd.




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