Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’


IMAGINE – JIMI HENDRIX: HEAR MY TRAIN A COMIN’ < Description: In just four years, Jimi Hendrix revolutionised the music scene with his transcendent sound and explosive stage presence. A peacock, poet and perfectionist, he was a true original, who restlessly pushed his musical gifts to their extremes.

imagine… tells the story of how this shy, former private in the 101st Airborne became the greatest rock guitarist of all time, using never-before-seen performance footage, home movies and family letters.

With contributions from the Hendrix family, Sir Paul McCartney, and former band mates Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, imagine… presents an in-depth look at Hendrix's life and career that was tragically cut short at just 27 years old in 1970. (BBC 1)

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koxpJ7nhz2Y[/youtube] Jimi Hendrix Concert, Stockholm, 1969 < Jimi Hendrix & co. performing live in Stockholm

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-YHJ8OtXVc[/youtube] JIMI HENDRIX – IF 6 WAS 9

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