Jesus Christ, Mister!

Back towards the beginning of this year, 2013, the Wherehouse? was the best venue in town. That’s before the City of Sacramento and the cops decided they didn’t want our dollars being spent in the poor part of town and made it impossible to keep the place open. The Wherehouse? hosted Far West Punk Fest and a ton of other great shows including this one…the first live appearance of Jesus Christ, Mister!

They’re another humorous bunch of punks, out to win the hearts of millions with an album titled, “Promotes Gayness & Swearing,” and songs like, “Straightedge is Not the Lifestyle for Me,” “Qt Yr Fckn Cryn,” and “The Smell Remains the Same.” You can hear some of their stuff on their ReverbNation page, but I went to all the trouble of shooting this video of their big hit single, “Baby, I’m Bored,” and uploading it for you:


Jesus Christ, Mister! at the Wherehouse? in January of 2013.

Jesus Christ, Mister! at the Wherehouse? in January of 2013.

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