J.D. Hangover – Album Review – Dark, Creepy, and FUN!

There’s no shortage of duos in the music industry. I’ve talked about plenty on this very site! Some are really good like Brother O’ Brother or JEFF The Brotherhood! Some are not so good like The Black Keys. Either way, you don’t have to go very far to hear a band of 2 people playing some variation of blues rock. However, what about duos who think outside the box? Look no further than J.D. Hangover and the self-titled debut album.

J.D. Hangover takes blues rock and completely flips the script!

“Barrellhouse Queen” begins with a hypnotic drum pattern that may or may not be digital while a distorted slide guitar calls and reverb-heavy vocals answer. This isn’t your typical blues-rock project by any means and right off the bat J.D. Hangover isn’t playing around. Things get even meaner on the next track “Headspinner Blues” channeling bands like Suicide with its rhythmic dirge and ominous vocal hook like a fever dream.

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With that said, not everything J.D. Hangover does musically is tailor-made for dark allies, “Mr.Williamson” plays up a slightly more traditional blues vibe, complete with cool organ swells closing it out. Lyrically it’s a different story. Most of the songs on the record spin tales of drinking, slumming, and general debauchery.

There’s no law stating blues has to be about broken hearts, but J.D. Hangover probably doesn’t care much for laws for that matter.

It’s not every day I stumble across an album equally as chilling as it is fun.  At only 6 songs, this record has already filled a void that’s been all but empty in the past few years. J.D. Hangover is creepy but not gothic. Angsty but not punk. Blues-based but not the kind of music you’d hear in beer commercials. It’s fresh and exciting with just enough danger to make it a good time. If you like Suicide, Death In Vegas, and 90s era Primal Scream, J.D. Hangover might be your new favorite band!

J.D. Hangover is available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp

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