It’s Outrageous!! Natalie Pryce release their new single, ‘Raquel’


Natalie Pryce release their new single, ‘Raquel’. It is a deranged jazz inflected rock ‘n’ roll song that pulses with addictive energy. The guitar plays in drunk and twitchy stabs as singer, Mark Swan croons out the story of heartbreak with almost self-destructive emotion. His voice sounds wild, gleeful and unhinged. The song is an ode to agalmatophilia. The narrative chronicles the breakdown of a relationship between a man and his blow-up doll. The lyrics are as intelligent as they are full of compassion, anger and sorrow. And the sound bursts and pops with the force of the punctured titular character

The release is available as a free download through the bands website Natalie Pryce . This offer will only be available for a limited time only. Till then you can hear the song and further slip into Natalie Pryce’s post-modern dream/nightmare world by watching the accompanying music video for ‘Raquel’It’s Outrageous

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