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a short bio, for more…..http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-vaselines-mn0000575379

Conventional wisdom dictates that the Vaselines might have been relegated to footnote status were it not for Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain, who regularly cited the little-known Scottish quartet’s influence in interviews with the music press. Cobain‘s gospel-spreading no doubt accelerated their rise to cult sainthood, but truth be told, the Vaselines would have gotten there sooner or later on their own accord. Lewd but naïve and abrasive yet tender, the band’s shambling, primitivist squall remains a perfect distillation of pop at its most guileless and euphoric.

some of my most played songs from The Vaselines…

The Vaselines jesus doesn’t want me for a sunbeam

The Vaselines – Sex With An X [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Vaselines – Son Of A Gun

molly’s lips

The Vaselines – Rory Rides Me Raw

The Vaselines – I Hate The 80’s

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