Iron Butterfly started ‘Heavy’ Music – 45 Years Ago …


* ‘Heavy’ is Iron Butterfly’s debut album. Undeniably a trademark album in the history of rock music: heavy drumming and bass lines, distortion guitar blues riffs, keyboard overlays and an overall psychedelic feel. Regarding the time it was written and recorded (in 1967, released in 1968), that was considered like a whole bunch of sounds and variations.
* It’s all there: Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock…
* Original line-up of the San Diego band : Doug Ingle – organ, vocals, Ron Bushy – drums, Jerry Penrod – bass guitar, vocals, Darryl DeLoach – tambourine, vocals and Danny Weis – guitar. Penrod, DeLoach and Danny Weis left the band shortly after the album was recorded. The start for countless line-up changes.
* ‘Heavy’ is not a timeless masterpiece, but it’s essentially revolutionary and worth a listen, only to find out how ‘heavy’ music started its development 45 years ago.
* No, that 17.05 minute song is not on this album.
* The band had been booked to play at Woodstock but got stuck at an airport and didn’t play the legendary festival.
* I’m quite sure that the following bands own this record: Black Angels, Tame Impala, Queens of The Stone Age, Wolfmother, Melvins, Monster Magnet and many more…

1/ 0:00 Possession
2/ 2:45 Unconscious Power
3/ 5:17 Get Out of My Life, Woman
4/ 7:42 Gentle As It May Seem
5/ 10:23 You Can’t Win
6/ 14:27 So-Lo
7/ 16:41 Look for the Sun
8/ 19:53 Fields of Sun
9/ 22:01 Stamped Ideas
10/ 26:35 Iron Butterfly Theme

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