Invisible Healing Astro Rhythm Quartet, My Interview with Andrew Koeth

Want to hear something original and fresh and unique? Try Invisible Healing Astro Rhythm Quartet. It is a jazzy, psychedelic, funky sound out of Bakersfield, California. This quartet, formed in 2010, is releasing their sophomore album, appropriately named 2. This album finds them more mature and confident in their sound of that Ethio-centric long form jam, that I just get lost in. The mellow tones of the brass instruments and funky drum beats keeps me hypnotized in the sound. The album is set to be released November 13, via Trouble in Mind Records. This is a LP-only release, pressed on black and white vinyl. Amazing psychedelic artwork by Bruno Borges and 2 was mastered by Matthew David McQueen. I got the chance to catch up with Andrew Koeth who plays bass. This is what he said about IHARQ…

-Tell us about Invisible Healing Astro Rhythm Quartet.

IAHRQ is Alex Sarad (drums) Brenndan Morlan (Guitar) Jordan Aguirrie (keys) and Andrew Koeth (bass).
Formed in 2010, while in search of a new sound and direction after our high school bands came to a close, our desire was to incorporate a horn section into our quartet to flesh out our already jazz centric compositions. Our first performance was in August of that year, we invited Kris Tiner (trumpet) and Phillip Greenlief (saxophone) to act as our horn section and instantly formed a meaningful and collaborative bond with them that has lated to this day. After honing and defining our sound we were approached by Tiner in 2012 to record an LP for his independent record label Epigraph Records, which was released November of 2013. Soon after its release we were approached by Trouble In Mind records to release our second LP. We recorded in October of 2014 in our hometown of Bakersfield CA with producer and engineer Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple) at the controls. it was then Mastered by Matthew David McQueen (Leaving Records/Dublab).

-How did you come up with the name, Invisible Healing Astro Rhythm Quartet?

The name was created by our Keyboard player Jordan Aguirrie. He compiled a list of words that embodied the ideals we had in mind for the music we wanted to play in the future and strung them together.

-Who influences the music you play on the album?

Our music has been compared to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock’s Miwandishi and Headhunters Bands, the work of James Brown and The Ethiopiques. I would say those are all at the heart of our influences of our forthcoming LP and our overall sound.

-What is next for you?

We are currently Gearing up for record release shows, composing new material and pushing our sound as far as we can take it.

Big thanks to Andrew Koeth for this interview and Trouble In Mind Records!


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