Interview with Ken Hitchcock of the Six Deep

From left to right: Bob Welch, David Everett, Bill Donley, Roger Koshkin, Ken Hitchcock, Jim Keriotis

After a long break, here I am with an excellent interview. You might have already noticed my love for the sixties Texas garage rock bands and I am blessed to have been friends with some of the band members of those bands. In this interview my guest is lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Six Deep: Ken Hitchcock.

Hello, Ken! Thank you for making this interview with me! Would you mind telling our readers about yourself before the Six Deep?

I was just a kid here in Texas. When Buddy Holly and others became known I became interested in playing guitar. So things began to happen from there.

Six Deep in Hotel Beaumont, 1966, Beaumont, Texas

How was the Six Deep formed? Did the band played with other Texas bands who made it famous at that time?

As far as how the band was formed I had been playing in coffee houses and clubs with Janis Joplin and Townes Van Zandt and others. I was still in school and too young to move with Janis when she left Texas for San Francisco. So some other school mates and I eventually got together and formed Six Deep.

That sounds pretty cool! My favorite song of your band is “Girl, it’s over”. I believe you wrote the song. Any real story behind it?

HAHA My girlfriend stopped me in the hallway at school one day and told me “My mother and I have decided that we should stop seeing each other.” Thus the inspiration for the phrase “Did your mama forget to tell you…..”

I always wondered that phrase! Well, now I know. Can you tell us why the Six Deep lasted for short? Are you still in contact with the rest of the band?

As far as What is left of the band we still get together and jam. We have lots of fun getting together!! As far as why it lasted for such a short time it was a classic case of internal disagreement with a manager that didn’t agree with the direction I was going in. I did wild performances and our manager wanted a more subdued direction.

Six Deep performing in King Edward Hotel, 1967, Beaumont, Texas

Would you like to share your musical adventures other than the Six Deep with our readers?

I still jam with others and record too. Too many Janis Joplin etc. etc. stories to tell in a short interview. 🙂

Could you share maybe one of your interesting stories with one? Maybe the one you like the most?

Janis did an incredible version of House Of The Rising Sun. She would do this as a solo in the Coffee Houses. She played guitar along with it. On one of her trips I preformed her version of the song in the Coffee House in Beaumont, Texas. Word got back to her that I had done this and she confronted me screaming that I had stolen her song!!! This went on for some time. After she calmed down she said “And furthermore you played it wrong.” So, she proceded to sit with me and taught me how to play House Of The Rising Sun correctly Janis Joplin style. I still perform it that way today. The song I stole from Janis !

Ken Hitchcock at the Coffee House, 1966, Beaumont, Texas

Amazing! Thank you for sharing Ken. What are you doing yourself these days? Any plans of reforming the band maybe for a local concert or two?

As far as What is left of the band we still get together and jam. We have lots of fun getting together!! I’ve been a professional photographer for many years now and that keeps me busy. I done lots of photography for South By Southwest and the ACL Fest here in Austin. I also have a home portrait studio.

I have seen your photography work and you are very good at it! Thank you, Ken! It was my pleasure to do this interview with you.

You are welcome. Thanks for asking.

I hope you enjoyed our brief but nice interview. If you would like to see more of the Six Deep and Ken Hitchcock’s photography site, please visit the links below.

 Six Deep – Official Website
Ken Hitchcock Photography

I leave you with the video of “Girl It’s Over”. This video was uploaded by Ken himself with plenty of Six Deep photographs in it. Enjoy!

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**Interview made by Duygu Savaşcı – 2017 **

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