Instant Smile Produces Instant Classic: New Direction Gives New Sensation

Philadelphia-based Instant Smile has accomplished quite a bit since I last discussed them here on this site. The duo of Greg Phoenix and Erin Berry have continued to release exciting, original music that refuses to allow any sort of pigeonhole violation. After their proclamation on the underground music scene in March 2017 with the singles “Eight Year Itch” and “Night Shift”, the Smiley ones refused to rest on their laurels with these two gems. They progressed forward that following October with “Spectacular Time”, a surf rocker that was inspired by Guy Debord’s 1967 text “The Society Of the Spectacle”. Come the following year, two more singles were released, “Vanish” and “Tiltawhirl”, which again displayed their passion for philosophical tomes and handcrafting multi-genre soundscapes.

On January 29, Instant Smile will launch the next chapter of their eclectic discography, “Give Me Time”. Showcasing their intellectual spirits, they’ve managed to create a soul-grabbing pop song, one that sounds like a lost classic from some other time. And while Greg normally handles the lead vocal duties, it’s Erin that shines on this haunting track. As she explains her inspiration: “This time around, I was inspired by my repeated failure to manage my time well.  Also, there’s a certain time of day into evening here in the summertime (roughly 5-8pm) when we do porch beers out front as the sun sets, and I sit there wishing it could last forever.  Which got me thinking about chasing the sunset (I found out you’d have to travel 1,000 mph).  I also read Abbot’s Flatland over the summer, which got me thinking about perspective in general (“is this line I’m towing just a line, I can’t tell from here”).  And Dogen’s quote at the end “if you can’t find the truth right where you are, where do you expect to find it” brings it all home – all that mental rushing around, and for what?” Songwriting and composition are obvious talents that Instant Smile possess, and this latest tune is a fitting example. Greg Phoenix and Erin Berry revel in stylistic variety, but regardless, there’s no guess as to what expression you’ll get when you listen to their music.

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