Imaad Wasif “Great Eastern Sun” – Nomad Eel Records REVIEW

When most people hear the name Imaad Wasif they tend to think of the some of the bands he has worked with over the years. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Folk Implosion, and of course Alaska! As a multi-instrumentalist with a firm grip on artistry, Wasif is no stranger to lending a helping hand. However, it’s his solo work that interests me the most. Imaad Wasif’s latest album could be indie music’s best-kept secret.

Great Eastern Sun is literally just that; a finished album that was pulled before it’s initial release.

Recorded and originally intended for release back in 2012, Great Eastern Sun is a psychedelic journey through mind, body, and soul. It is hard to believe Wasif changed his mind on releasing such a wholesome album. In a brief description on bandcamp, Wasif claims the album was ‘too dark and personal’ for release at the time. While it may be hard to decipher why the album’s themes are heavy, it certainly adds to the wonderful mystery.


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It’s the element of mystery that draws me to the works of Wasif. With his most popular work being with other artists, it’s a disservice to his own artistry. While Great Eastern Sun features aspects found in his solo releases, this record is fueled by tension and uncertainty. The constant blending of familiarity and experimentation makes the album as comforting as it is compelling.

Great Eastern Sun features a few guest spots such as members of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Best Coast, rounding out the sound.

The first half of the album leans heavy into Darkside Of The Moon era Pink Floyd, but by the middle mark, Grand Eastern Hotel switches gears into reflection and self-discovery. The mysterious and haunting “Thorn” showcases some of Wasif’s most emotional foreboding songwriting. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and my favorite track on the album. Throughout all the soul-searching, Wasif even manages to fit in an unexpected Kinks cover and it’s another highlight.

Whatever the reason behind holding the album back and releasing it now, I’m thankful Nomad Eel Records made it happen. I’ve been fortunate enough to cover quite a few releases from that particular label. Their track record with outside-the-box artists puts Wasif in good company. Great Eastern Sun just might be one of my favorite records of the year.

Great Eastern Sun is available on vinyl exclusively through Nomad Eel Records

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