I’m Thinking You Might Like This Band…… Bleech

bleech 3

This is the 1st single off the new album…


BLEECH: Jen O’Neill (vocals/guitar/piano); Katherine O’Neill (bass); Matt Bick (drums)


“Excuse me while I take your breath away” (Marching Song)


As much as the hype-hungry music industry likes to pretend that all acts arrive fully formed, ready for stardom from their first demo, the reality is that bands take time to progress. It helps if you have a work ethic that sees you play 100 gigs a year until you reach the tipping point – even more if you learn how to be your own tour managers, guitar techs and sound engineers as you go along.


That way, you’re more likely to become “unignorable”, as Bleech singer/guitarist Jen O’Neill explains, with a genuine fanbase. As drummer Matt Bick explains: “You need to be at the point where you’re bursting out of your skin for it to happen, with a fanbase who completely adore you, having created something real on your own.”


On the eve of their second album, it’s a description that applies perfectly to the trio. Humble Sky arrives barely a year after debut album Nude, but is a quantum leap forward, bolstered by the experience of yet more concerts and recording in an atmosphere far more suited to their increasingly expansive, bold songwriting. It was recorded at residential studios Courtyard in the Oxfordshire countryside with producer Ian Davenport (Band Of Skulls, Supergrass, The Duke Spirit). Having endured a daily commute across London to record Nude, getting away from it all proved an inspiration, sleeping above the studio and recording vocals in the kitchen.  more….http://www.bleech.me.uk/bio/

I like their sound so here comes their last EP…..

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