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the monsters

Hi, lovely people. I would like you to meet The Monsters if you haven’t met them already. Led by Beat-Man, The Monsters are a garage punk band from Switzerland and were formed in 1986. The drumming is amazing since there are two of them in the band. The lineup consists of guitar, bass and a so-called clone-drum. According to the band’s bio page clone-drum means two drummers with only one and half drums, hitting the same bassdrum from each side which creates the part of the unique sound of The Monsters.

If you really would like to learn more about the band I would refer you to band’s biography page “The Monsters History” published in their official website. I end this note with one the tunes I enjoy listening to, which is from their 1995 LP, Youth Against Nature. Enjoy!

I’m a record junkie ~The Monsters


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