Idles – The Most Important Band Of This Generation

A Thursday lunchtime might seem the most unlikely timing of a gig but no matter, Leeds’ Wardrobe is hosting one of a series of album launch gigs for Idles new album, “Joy As An Act Of Resistance”. Idles is a band like no other at this time. Rarely have I witnessed such devotion between band and audience, audience and band. Idles live life inclusively of all. All Is Love.


Idles open this signing / album launch gig with Colossus, the first track off the new album. The warmth in the room is palpable before a note is played.

This isn’t just a gig to promote the new album though, this is celebration of the connection between band and fans. The majority of the gig is taken up by fan requests. “What’s your name and where do you come from ?” singer, Joe Talbot asks of selected crowd members. “What song would you like to hear ?” Consequently the gig is filled with much of the first album, people are just getting to know the mighty second album, “Joy As An Act Of Resistance.” First album favourites like “Well Done” become huge singalongs.


Idles mix politics, introspection, sarcasm and wry observation with incredible humour and tenderness for all people and the world around them. I’ve seen their music described as punk and post-punk. Punk in terms of doing things their way, on their own terms but musically it doesn’t do them justice. Let’s just call it Idles music. Check out “Great” from Joy As An Act Of Resistance”

To me, Idles are a quintessentially English band with all the great English idiosyncrasies. Their messages, however, are universal and they are connecting around the world. A friend had the pleasure of catching them in a small club in Canada earlier in the year, commenting that virtually the whole crowd sang along to every word throughout the gig. The band are gigging globally and connecting globally.

As a crowd surfer storms the stage, never have I seen a band rush to fend off security as fast as singer Joe Talbot did here.

Idles is a band like no other, connecting with people in a way that I haven’t witnessed for years. I’m not going to review the album, I’ll leave you with one more track – make your own mind up – your loss if you don’t take a listen and buy it yourself.


Hopefully the photos go some way to showing you what an incredible live experience Idles are. Catch them on tour around the world now – dates HERE.

All Is Love.

Full set of photos in HD available for free download HERE 

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