The Husbands – Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands (2003)

Introducing The Sounds of the Husbands is the first full-length record from San Francisco all-woman punk band The Husbands. Released in 2003 by Swami Records, the album is a jam from start to finish, packed with short and sweet rock ditties along with a few familiar, tried and true R&B covers.

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It’s a great album for putting on when you need a boost of energy, say when you’re rallying for a night out after a long day, or when you’re running late for something and need to pick up your speed a notch.

Here’s The Husbands paying tribute with In The Basement, a song originally performed by Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto, two vocal powerhouses:

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The Husbands don’t seem to tour anymore, but at least we have their records to rock out to when we need it–and that’s no small thing.

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Dacia lives in Austin, Texas, where she writes, drinks & listens to records.

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  • Oh Yeah, New York through and through. I hear the Dolls, The Dictators and The Chesterfield Kings all mixed together. “Trouble” is fantastic too! We gotta get you on 50third soon..

  • I like girls playing this hot rocknroll but so few can. To be fair, so few boys can either. I can, and these songs are inspiring me to write a song like these two, and to further investigate The Husbands. Thank you, Dacia Rivers. I figure if I say I can play the real thing I had better prove it up front. Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and Black Flag is playing the drums on the following, I played everything else. I haven’t met Milo yet but he said he loved it. We all share a love of the New York Dolls, and I just bet that The Husbands are too.

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