Hurts To Laugh – “Mr. Nineteen Eighty More” – Music Video

photo by Mike Matthews

2019 was a wild year, to say the least! The streets filled with protest, fists raised, feet stomped. Teeth clenched and voices raised. Politicians lied, cheated, and upheld even worse. Sure, on paper that looks much like every year, but it all just felt worse in 2019. The nation is tired, beat up, and battle weary. We’re hoarse from screaming and ears still ringing from hearing our brothers and sisters crying out. Those screams might fall on deaf ears. But Hurts To Laugh heard us. By the sound of it, Nashville’s gnarliest band, were there with us the entire time!

“I’m feeding off McDonalds and war, now watch me swallow the truth…” Hurts To Laugh frontman Cliff Cobain boasts in front of images of dictators and soldiers of communism. Cobain ghoulishly gyrates across the cold stage in Conservative business attire and blood-red stilettos. His eyes firey orange emulating the color of the Devil’s only friend and man’s favorite form of population control. The physical embodiment is spot on and the message is crystal clear: politicians are ruthless bottomless pits, devouring their people from the inside out.

Chunky guitars and filling-rattling rhythm help convey the message and it’s obvious, Hurts To Laugh has never sounded better. This vulgar display of brutal honesty is in no way a celebration of The Man’s sinister ways though. Hurts To Laugh is simply putting it all in perspective and breaking it down so even the dimmed bulb in the box can understand. Recognizing the problem is the first step in taking back what’s rightfully ours. Should we protest? Vote? Play along? Or maybe set them all on fire? Whatever you choose to do with your knowledge, Hurts To Laugh has provided the soundtrack. In Nashville we trust.

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photo by Mike Matthews

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