Hurts To Laugh – “Hope It Works Out” – REVIEW

Hope It Works Out

Experimentation could mean a few different things in the music industry. In one sense it could mean to stretch the creative legs of the mind’s desires. Or it could mean recording music that’s not exactly on the mainstream menu. Then there’s Hurts To Laugh. On their latest album Hope It Works Out, it seems like they’re experimenting various ways to melt the listener’s face off.

Hurts To Laugh

Buddy Valens, Cliff Cobain, and Stevie Ray Ramone

Hurts To Laugh is a rag-tag group of misfit musicians that some call “Nashville’s gnarliest band”. By combining elements of surf, Slayer, punk and pop, they’ve crafted a unique vibe that’s difficult to label. It’s far too ugly to fit in with the likes of corporate alt rock stations, yet too much fun to hang with the deviants of the underground. The end result is by far, one of the most interesting rock bands to come out Nashville’s rock scene.

Part of what makes Hope It Works Out so special, is the chemistry among members. Stage names such as Cliff Cobain, Buddy Valens, and Stevie Ray Ramone, let’s you know this is a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even with tongue-in-cheek characters, their sound is heavy and on point.

Hope It Works Out kicks off with “I Tried”, a track that’s equal parts New York Dolls and Slayer. If you can’t imagine what that sounds like, picture getting mentally stimulated by getting smashed in the face with an empty beer bottle. The album stays in the same gear until it gets to “Little While”. Not only does that particular track feature a droning Indian influence, but the lyrics are strangely hopeful in the darkest way possible.

The entire record is littered with odd couplings like that. “Na Na Na” is a skate-thrash anthem with an ear worm hook for the chorus. Then there’s tracks like “Screaming Skull” that utilizes the stoner metal vibe but features punk quips that just begs you to sing along! Each track plays out like it’s an experiment with it’s own agenda.

Hurts To Laugh is clearly one of the most unique hard rock bands I’ve listened to in recent years.  I never dreamed something this heavy could be this much fun! If you’re looking to quench your thirst for face melting hard rock, but want to have fun doing it, look no further than Hope It Works Out.

The songs “Hope It Works Out” and “Little While” have also been released on an extremely limited edition lathe from Velocity Of Sound as part of their “Those Were The Lathes” series. Both tracks are the perfect introduction to Hurts To Laugh, and with only 50 made, it’s a killer piece for your record collection!

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To purchase Hope It Works Out/Little While lathe single, visit Velocity Of Sound

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