After hundreds of articles, reviews, interviews, and premieres here at 50Thirdand3rd, I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a Nashville fanboy. I can say that even though I was born and raised in Chicago! There’s must be something in Nashville’s water that keeps the artist output at the top of the food chain. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna give you a rundown of the countless Nashville artists currently filling my shelves, I simply don’t have enough space on this server. Instead, I’m gonna talk a little about two of my favorite Nashville acts coming together for a new 7″ at Fat Elvis Records. I’m talking about Hurts To Laugh and American Goon.

As Nashville’s gnarliest band lead by the charismatic Cliff Cobain, Hurts To Laugh is no stranger to clenched fists and melted faces. Their respective side on the double A-sided release was recently discussed in the 50Thirdand3rd premiere of their music video “Mr.Nineteen Eighty More”. But for a quick recap, its bitter commentary of America’s mental state disguised as a blistering rock anthem.

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American Goon’s side “All You Got” trades in some of the angst and replaces it with a surprising sense of expectation. Yes, the world is just as bad as Cliff and the crew says, but Goon’s Zack Murphy reminds us it was always this bad but now it’s celebrated. As the drummer for Blackfoot Gypsies, Murphy clearly has a good read on controlled chaos. And while his take on world affairs isn’t as dire, it’s equally as hard-hitting.

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Bringing these two acts together for a single release is the perfect example of what makes Fat Elvis Records such an interesting label.

One minute Fat Elvis is dropping whiskey flavored country like Chelsea Lovitt, the social commentary of Fantastic Negrito, the psychedelia of Timothy Eerie, then turning around with avant-garde art-folk like Cheval Sombre. But with Mr.Nineteen Eighty More/All You Got, there’s an uncanny duality of facing the horrors of what our beloved country has become and coming out on the other side battered and beaten but victorious.

No matter which side of Mr.Nineteen Eighty More/All You Got you drop the needle on first, you’re taking the first step in combating America’s moral and social decay. I can’t think of any label or two bands I would want on the frontlines with me than Fat Elvis Records, American Goon, and Hurts To Laugh. In Nashville we trust.

To pick up Mr.Nineteen Eighty More/All You Got on limited edition vinyl, visit Fat Elvis Records.

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