Hub City Stompers – Caedes Sudor Fermentum


Since the popularity of the third wave Ska revival came to a tragic end, it’s been hard to find new Ska bands that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to play for a friend. Well if you got a rude itch that needs scratchin’ New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Hub City Stompers got you covered.

They play catchy Ska with a sense of humor and heavy nod towards the Trojan records skinhead sound. Tunes great for drinking with the mates on a Friday night or blasting through your earbuds as you cruze your Vespa to work.

This album is a greatest hits collection taking songs from their past CD only releases and puts them to vinyl for the first time thanks to Rebel Sound Records and Crowd Control Media. Stand out track for me are “Bumbl-B,” “Skins Don’t Cry,” and “Leave Me the Fuck Alone.”

Hub City Stompers make it ok to like Ska again and that to me is a damn good thing. So lace up those Docs and do some of that good old fashioned moon stomping!


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