From Hidden Volume Records – The Premiere of “Out In The Streets” By Louie Louie


Today we introduce you to the latest releases from Hidden Volume Records. Up first is “Out In The Streets” by Louie Louie. This track is soaked in fuzz and killer psych vibes coming from a voice and harmonies that slay. Very cool mix of styles that make something totally new come alive, nice riffs just all around, awesome!

This is from Hidden Volume:

Louie Louie’s vinyl debut features two brain-altering hits “Out In The Streets” b/w “Miles Around” that recall equal parts Shangri-Las, Luv’d Ones, surf and garage. The A-Side showcases a Girl Group ballad cut with a searing fuzz tremolo solo while the flip is a hard driving rocker complete with pulsing drums, organ and perfect harmonies from all four Louies!

Limited to 300 copies, 125 BLUE, 175 BLACK VINYL, this single features a sleeve by Louie Louie drummer, Jenna Robb.

“Philadelphia’s Louie Louie, an emerging all-female rock and roll quartet, now has their debut official release out in vinyl 45 via Hidden Volume Records (Baltimore). In the summer of 2014, band leader Emily Robb (guitar, lead vocals) was inspired to create a band with three artistically minded first-time musician friends which included her sister Jenna Robb (drums, vocals) and her fellow waitresses Emily Eichelberger (bass, vocals) and Leslie Burnette (organ, vocals). The band’s first practices consisted of strange experimental jams and a couple of early rock n’ roll covers. Their sound grew into its own form of vicious and sweet, weird and traditional, complete with soaring, ethereal four-part harmonies and wall-of-sound inspired arrangements. Louie Louie played their first show at iconic Philly jazz bar turned rock venue, Ortlieb’s, in February of 2015, and went on to play a host of shows in Philadelphia before concluding the summer of 2015 with a US Tour.

The first single was originally out as a self-released limited run tour cassette which has since sold out so grip the vinyl! It includes: Out In The Streets (A Side), a 60s love ballad playing out of a fog machine, an ethereal wash of unfiltered emotion, longing for a love just out of reach, a fading memory running warm out of a faucet, filling your bathtub. It’s a mid-tempo song of blistered love with some warbling fuzz guitar, hushed harmonies and a classic 60s girl group beat (think “Be My Baby”). On the B side is Miles Around, a ripper with stream of conscious lyrics and persistently chugging drums. The organ peeks its head out of the mix to hit home hidden melodies, there is a weaving double guitar solo mid-song and there are some very catchy retro pop backing harmonies. To quote Philebrity.com’s Joey Sweeney: “like what would have resulted if Siouxie Sioux took up with Dusty Springfield instead of the Sex Pistols. Fantastic stuff.”

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