Hidden Volume Records and Get Hip Recordings – Announcement

Two of my favorite record labels have an announcement to make, so let’s consider this my public service duty to loop all of you in. I’ve worked with Scott from day 1 of Hidden Volume Records to bring all of the bands that he has put out to all of you. To say I’m a fan of Hidden Volume Records is quite the understatement and then from my hometown of Pittsburgh Pa there is Get Hip Recordings . Get Hip is so cool they help to define the current and past state of all things garage rock . I go their website just about every day and yesterday I noticed a whole lot of Hidden Volume Records making the front page and in the afternoon Get Hip sent this out to folks on their email list which has included me for years..

We’re excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Baltimore, Maryland’s
premier Garage-Punk imprint Hidden Volume Records.

Specializing in beautifully packaged, small-run 45’s, HiVo “is dedicated
to preserving the sound of NOW. Garage, psych, power pop, exotic, raw, primitive
and anything else that falls between the cracks!”

Hidden Volume’s burgeoning catalog features unmissable 7″ slabs (as well as a killer 10″ EP and in-house zines) from the likes of Get Hip’s own Pow Wows, Japanese Garage heroes Swamps, The Noble Krell, Beginner’s Mynd, Whiskey Daredevils, Louie Louie, Birds of Paradise, and more!

If you are a fan of garage rock, you have to be giddy about this, it awesome news for fans of Hidden Volume Records and for fans of Get Hip and I call those people, my friends… So if you are new to 50thirdand3rd here are a few of the bands and tracks that you can head to Get Hip Recordings to pre-order…

Get Hip – Hidden Volume ,Pre- Order Here

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