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As massive corporations tighten their stranglehold on internet-based information, there are still people out there exploring the edges of digital space for meaningful ways of interacting with their like-minded peers. In a world enveloped within the constructs of social media sites and apps, it is a bit of a rarity to find an app working toward uniting humans in real life. Sure, you meet your Uber driver and maybe find something in common, but the new Hella Punk app, in its current state, is becoming one of the best ways of getting hip to the goings on of Northern California punk scene. Acting as something of an integrated clearinghouse for other notable volunteers who push the punk agenda, Hella Punk is a worthwhile endeavor to help continue the profound growth in the NorCal scene. I was in contact with the founder of the app and had the following conversation. 

ElDorkoPunkRetro: Tell us who you are? 

Justin Timko: My name is Justin Timko (@jtimko_). I am an adventurous computer nerd, obsessed with music!

EDPR: What got you into punk?

Justin Timko: I grew up a fan of all genres of music. Outside of the typical pop punk on the radio, songs like “Dinosaurs Will Die” (NoFX) started catching my attention. However, I must say Against ME! ‘Reinventing Axl Rose’ was the game changer for me. I became obsessed with punk music.

Justin Timko, founder of HellaPunk, at work.

EDPR: Where are you located? 

Justin Timko: I am located in Fairfield, CA. Half way point between San Francisco and Sacramento!

EDPR: What area does the app cover?

Justin Timko: Hella Punk focuses on the Norcal Punk Scene. I came up with the idea after following @Sacramentopunkshows on instagram. I wanted to create an app to keep track of upcoming punk shows. I decided to see if I could create an app to centrilize all the possible shows around me. When I started on the app, I actually was not familiar with Steve’s List. That was brought to my attention almost near completion of Hella Punk. 

Now it plays a major role in the show listings. There are a lot of places to get show listings from, but they always focus on the huge known names. I wanted it an easy way to keep up to date with local punk bands in smaller venues.

EDPR: Will it cover more eventually?

Justin Timko: There are future plans to expand the app into something more. I have plenty of ideas, but I am also looking for feedback from the community. I want to know what they also want. It is about our community more than anything else.

EDPR: What type of involvement did you have in your scene prior to the app?

Justin Timko: Besides going to shows all over, I did not have any involvement with the scene. I have a few friends playing in bands, but my involvement has been minimal. Now I am trying to make up for lost time!

EDPR: What do you hope to achieve with the app?

Hmm, that is kind of tough. Hella Punk was built to try to help the Northern California punk scene. I would like to achieve in helping those who I can. Whether that is bringing attention to bands I enjoy, or helping those looking for a show to attend to!



Exciting stuff! Head on over to your favorite Android or iOS app store and get in on the action. A casual scroll through their show listings and featured acts will give you the tools you need to start finding your next favorite bands! You can follow Justin  @jtimko_ and @HellaPunkApp on Instagram for the latest news.


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