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Starting the week off with a very talented artist who experiments with electro sounds that create a dream like pop background to your day. This is for Fans of Dreampop, Shoegaze , and The Cure.

From Lia Mice, (Rice Is Nice Records)
Experimental pop artist Lia Mice cut her teeth
on Australian underground punk and soul before relocating to the Brooklyn noise scene for half a decade, where she performed her fingerprint sentimental art-pop in spaces as diverse as DIY house parties to Manhattan’s Museum of Arts And Design.

Inspired by a tour of Tokyo where she performed in a temple to monks, Lia Mice’s 2012 debut LP ‘Happy New Year‘ hid it’s dark pop melodies amongst cinematic territories, chimes, bells and vintage synths, performed at such hypnotically slow tempos that Time Out Tokyo coined the genre ‘narcoleptic pop’ in her honor. In support of the release, Lia Mice embarked on a world tour of USA, Australia and Europe, ending in France where upon she became stranded when her return flight to Brooklyn was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Not one to turn her back on destiny she spontaneously relocated to France for good.

Entitled ‘I Love You‘, and out October on Sydney’s Rice Is Nice, New York’s Old Flame Records and Japan’s MOORWORKS, Lia Mice’s second album and her first experiment in danceable tempos was inspired by new music uncovered during in her first year living in Europe: in the grooves of yé-yé singles; on the dance floors of converted boat-venues; in the theme songs of classic French cinema and on the iPods of neighborhood house parties.

Meet Lia Mice…

Hi my name is…
Lia Mice.
People say I sound like…

I’ve put cinema soundtracks into pop songs.
We are…
It’s a solo project named after my full name is Eleanor C Mice.

I am originally from…


My craziest gig ever …

was Tasogare Festival in Komyo-Ji temple Tokyo. It’s a festival curated by the resident monks. At the end the audience and performers all join the monks in meditation.

Someone who influenced the sound:

The Komyo-Ji Temple monks influenced the sound of my first album. Recording with Daniel James Schlett at Strange Weather Brooklyn had a big influence on the sound of my new album. I had assisted on a few other records he was making before we worked on I Love You together so we had been developing ideas for the album for a long time.

One book I recommend … is the book I’m currently reading, The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. It’s set in the New Zealand good rush.

Can you tell us about the process you use?

I wrote and demoed all my songs in France using Ableton Live. Then I spent 14 days recording the album from scratch in the studio. I wanted the songs to start from a live, full band feeling so I brought in a session drummer and bass player so we could record in full takes. Then Daniel James Schlett and I spent the rest of the time messing with the sounds so the end result almost sounds like it was machines.

Question re: time travel:
I’d love to time travel to the BBC radiophonic workshop for the making of the doctor who themesong.
Growing up at home we listened to … Classical music and my brother’s VHS collection of Rage specials. We had one of every Cure video and one of every Nick Cave video.

What tune is on heavy rotation for you?
Caribou “I Can’t Do Without You”

If you could open for any band which band would it be?

The Cure.

If you could give advice to kids picking up their instruments for the first time?
Experiment constantly, whether it’s with who you play with, which instruments or sounds.

When you are touring and have some time off where could we find you?

Climbing a mountain.

The one thing I want you to remember while listening to my music?

It’s an experiment.

Rice Is Nice Records, Lia Mice

Lia Mice, Facebook

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