Hashish – ‘The Light’

After another long, hot midsummer day, you might want to spend some time in the relative cool of the evening kicking back with a chilled beverage of some description and a tune that’s as laid back as it is sinister and as trippy as it is sophisticated – The Light by Hashish could be that tune.

It’s a delicious, mind-bending cocktail of retro-futuristic rare groove, psychedelic rock, Afro beats, electro-funk, vintage synthesizers, foreboding glockenspiel chimes, sci-fi sound effects and Blaxploitation swagger.

The Light is equally appropriate for listening to in the ultra-modern, penthouse apartment of an evil, turtleneck-wearing, arched-eyebrowed, criminal mastermind, the kind of club that serves drinks too expensive to get drunk on or the grimy basement of a suburban stoner. Or, y’know, anywhere else you like.

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The Light was released in 2016 on Hashish’s first, and to-date only album, the incredibly cool, and highly listenable, A Product of Hashish.

Hashish is the brainchild of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Stefan Kery, whose previous bands have included The Entheogens, The Stomach Mouths, The Tonebenders and Zonk. It’s something of a pet project for Kery, who had this to say about the band’s debut album:

“Let these amazing sounds transport you into a forgotten world where the future looked different from what it became. I finally found some time to do a little recording of myself together with a couple of extraordinarily gifted musical friends. The first result of this is right here. Came out just the way I wanted and I’m really happy about it.”

On release, A Product of Hashish hit number one in the Swedish vinyl charts. Not sure how many copies that means that it sold, but hey, number one is number one.

The project seems to be on hiatus right now, but you can and should check out The Light and the rest of their discography to date via the Subliminal Sounds website or via Hashish’s Bandcamp page. Recommended listening for a summer spent remembering what the future used to sound like.

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