Harry Crafton 1949-1954

Harry Crafton was an R&B artist who has unfairly sunk into relatively obscurity. A strong guitarist hailing from Philadelphia, there’s not a lot of info out there about Crafton, but in 1990, Krazy Kat Records released a compilation of his tunes, and it’s definitely worth seeking out.

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A contemporary of Tiny Grimes and Doc Bagby, Crafton churned out instrumentals as well as tracks featuring outstanding vocal performances, such as one dirty, dirty blues jam called Big Fat Hot Dog … which is worth checking out for the hilarious double entendres alone.

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The last sentence on the back of the record, which contains the most info about Crafton you can find in one place, don’t try wikipedia, ends with “but what became of Harry Crafton?” A sad ending for a talented and prolific songwriter and guitar player. Let’s not let him fade away.

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