Hank Locklin – Please Help Me, I’m Falling

I found Hank Locklin’s 1960 album “Please Help Me I’m Falling” in a Chicago record shop for two bucks this summer and had to pick it up.

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It’s a sweet little country record, way better than its low price would lead you to believe. After I posted a picture of the record online, a twitter friend found the same record in a thrift store for a buck or two as well, meaning Locklin is either underrated or just a flat-out bargain. Either way, it’s an easy purchase to make, especially considering Hank covers one of my favorite songs ever on this record:

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It’s hard to resist a good old country ballad, and Locklin’s tender love songs don’t disappoint. The record was produced by Chet Akins, and it shows.


Floridian Locklin lived to the ripe old age of 91, and the back of this record says he spent his free time woodworking and record collecting while writing songs and raising his three children–a story as sweet as an old country song.


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