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You should really take a listen to the insanely endearing Take My Clothes Off by Copenhagen bubblegum punkers Girlcrush. This sweet, succinct, same-sex love/lust song kind of sounds like Daphne & Celeste paying tribute to the Ramones in the style of The B-52s. It’s a sonic sugar rush with a big shot of charisma.

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Girlcrush are the most surprising thing to come out of Denmark since their football team won the 1992 European Championship. And if that reference means nothing to you, google it, click here, or just take my word for it – it was VERY surprising.

They formed a little over a year ago with virtually no musical experience and the sole ambition of covering Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure. Since then they’ve developed a knack for writing songs with crushingly honest charm and their live shows have seen them gain enough of a following in their home country for them to be invited to play the Rising Stage at this year’s Roskilde Festival in July.

Girlcrush have recently signed to fledgling Danish label We Are Surburban and describe themselves like this:

“We are a Copenhagen based queer feminist pop-punk band, specialising in angry, catchy, awfully played songs. If you are also tired of heteronormativity, patriarchy and strict gender binaries, come and complain with us. Xxx

Take My Clothes Off is the first release of one of their “angry, catchy, awfully played songs” – a ‘will they, won’t they’ duet between two vocalists about a drunken night that might just see two friends take things to a the next level. Here’s the first verse:

We’ve been talking all night
We’ve had a bit too much to drink
As you open another one
Your nipples show through your shirt

We never really find out if things go any further, but you won’t be able to help hoping that they do. In true, punk rock style, Girlcrush aren’t letting their limited musical ability stop them telling their stories.

Girlcrush’s debut EP is due out later this year. Take My Clothes Off is on Spotify now.

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