Ghost Car – “Stuck In The Mud/Missing The Old Times” 7″ REVIEW

There’s a unfair stereotype that reluctantly goes along with a band of female musicians. The stigma of ‘novelty act’ is not only unjust, but down right insulting. One’s gender has zero effect on how hard a band can rock! Ghost Car is poised to discredit that tired stereotype with their debut 7″ Stuck In The Mud.

Ghost Car

Pepto Pink

Being in a punk band generally means women are to exclusively adhere to the stereotype that keeps them from being taken seriously. While Ghost Car utilize plenty of pop sensibility in the music, they are far from cookie cutter stand-ins. Their guitar riffs are gnarly and buzzy, the bass is thick and tasty. Their attitude is equal parts savory and sweet.

“Stuck In The Mud” is a delectable garage anthem with everything you’d expect in a high quality punk jam. The B side “Missing The Old Times” is melodic fun that’s near impossible to get out of your head after the first listen. Both tracks are the prime example of indie punk at it’s very finest!

What makes Ghost Car stand out is the overall sense of authenticity. This isn’t a prefabricated group of ladies meant to sell records to tweens. Maeve, Clara, Laura and Maria are four ladies with an insatiable desire to pound out the kind of garage rock that makes you want to throw rocks at cars passing by your house and pick fights with the neighbors. The true embodiment of punk rock theology.

Ghost Car

Pink Yellow Splatter

Stuck In The Mud is available on vinyl exclusively through Greenway Records. A label that’s housed many of my favorite releases over the past few years and steadily becoming the go-to hot spot for indie garage rock! The Stuck In The Mud 7″ is available in two variants, “Pepto Pink” (like what you’ll need after a night of heavy drinking) and “Pink and Yellow Splatter” (as in what you’ll be seeing during the night of heavy drinking!). This release is limited to only 300 copies combined so they will sell out quickly if not already.


Ghost Car is destined for punk rock greatness and I have a feeling Stuck In The Mud is only the beginning….

To purchase Stuck In The Mud on 7″ vinyl, head over to Greenway Records

For more information on Ghost Car, please check them out on Facebook




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