Get Ready for Some Good Old Cave Stompin…… Meet the Band , Wahyas


As we head into the weekend , you can get ready for some winter fun by giving a listen to Wahyas. They know how to write some catchy tunes and I’m sure they will get you movin. Cool Vocals from both , music is excellent capture’s that striped down garage sound in a very natural way, harmonies are well placed, I like this band. Has a nice beachy vibe running underneath, very cool stuff. Give a listen, support Wahyas, buy their stuff and tell your friends and once they put out a new record we will be sure to get that up here at 50thirdand3rd.

Hi our name is

People say we sound like…..
The fucked up gories

We are…..
Joshua Johnson, Lindsey Sprague, and Hawke Kelley

We are from…….

Greensboro, North Carolina

Who are some that have an influence on you

the stooges, mc5, simply saucer, troggs, the luv’d ones, link wray, dirty underwear, outer space, wizard hats, free drugs

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the band
Joshua (guitar) fell out of his mom’s butt playing drums and he started playing guitar a couple years ago
Lindsey (drums) has been playing the same drumbeat for a little over a year. it works for her. she likes it. her heroes are mo tucker and peggy o’neill.
Hawke (bass) doesn’t play bass

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the songs out

First we start with a spiritual ceremony where we eat old tacos and hallucinate. then we write the songs in the bathroom and record them on our shitty phones. we actually write a lot of our lyrics sitting in front of shitty old horror movies with a notepad in hand. we just wanna self-release a buncha 45s.

what are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you overcome those challenges

the number one challenge is probably that none of us feel even kinda comfortable playing the instruments we’re playing in this band. it’s a big experiment. josh is a drummer, lindsey plays guitar, hawke sings. we’re not doing any of those things in this band, which is why we sound like cavemen. we like that. the music we like isn’t polished, it’s fucked up.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it ….

Joshua would go back to prehistoric times and hang out with dinosaurs. Lindsey would go back to 1967. Hawke would go back to any time where people wouldn’t tell him he looks like an out of work wrestler. So like maybe the 1920s? He’d fit right in.

Who are all of you currently listening to ….

Lindsey: Daughters of eve, la luz, the luv’d ones, los vidrios quebrados, death valley girls
Joshua: “garlic bread” by gary and larry
Hawke: charlie feathers

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Jet Screamer, that band from the jetson’s or (the beets from doug.)

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…

quit school, never practice, get a job flipping burgers

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us….
it’ll probably be better next time

Our plans for 2015…..
put out a record, grow a garden, have a couple cook outs, finally sew some buttons on that one shirt, play more shows

listen to some tunes…..

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