Get Ready For Some Sonic Blasts Of Death Pop From Cork…Meet, The Vincents


For all those who need a little jolt to get moving, this will wake you up faster than any black coffee. A little mixing of different sounds forging a way into something new . Meet The Vincents…

Hi our name is…. The Vincent(s)

And our sound might be best described as…. Death Pop, Bleak Drag, Kitchen Beat, Howtopleaseyourhusband-core

We are….. Margus Charles Allen Vocals and bass, Jonathan PH Deasy on guitars, Shane bangs the drums,

Kevin Sanderson plays snyth and Bleeding Gums Gallagher plays sax.

We are originally from….. Cork City in Ireland

The first time we met was…..September 2012

We knew we were going to be a Band when………When we began rehearsals for the Valley of the Sun E.P. It just worked!

Before starting the band we were employed as…….A chef, a manager in a bar and a DJ at the Roundy

The first song we wrote was……. Asked her to the Dance

It’s about…… Asking someone to a dance and being refused.

What we are currently listening to….Amen Dunes

For fun we like to…..Travel the country at least five times a year.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us……We are all very happy people

Expect….. To be sick of us buy the end of the year!

From us in 2014 Our first 7 inch vinyl and our first dates outside of Ireland.

The Vincents, Facebook

The Vincents, Twitter

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