Get Ready for some Fun Rockabilly Swing…..Meet .The Obscurtiones


This doesn’t need some kind of long introduction explaining what type of sounds your about to hear. It’s Rockabilly with some Swing thrown in for fun. Great stuff for sure and I can think of no better way to kick off a long weekend off with Family and Friends then to play and sing along to The Obscurtiones.

Hi our name is….The Obscuritones!

And our sound might be best described as….like the Andrews Sisters singin’ with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps

We are Sam Kidman & Hugh Byrne on twangy guitars, Phil Casey & Andy Bavington – rockin rhythm aka drums and upright bass & Joey Hill and Jane Dodson hollarin’ energetic vocal harmonies!

We are originally from…..Now’s there a question! Australia, Dublin, Ardglass (nr Belfast), Northampton, London & Coventry! We’re all in London now!

The first time we met was…..we originated back in 2010, Sam Hugh and Andy were the founding members followed by Phil and Joey in 2011 and Janey completed our current line up last year (2013)

We knew we were going to be a Band when………we replied to the ad on gumtree!

Before starting the band we were employed as…….sadly we all have day jobs from french polishing to IT …and other boring shizzle: Phil is the only full time musician (the bastard!). Musically our past lives have covered punk to swing!

Our craziest gig ever was….Grenoble in France last year, partly because we didn’t really check how far away it was- we played in Paris and then had to drive 10hrs to Grenoble (and another 10hrs the following day to a gig in Tours) the gig itself was amazing; the joy in the room was palpable, everyone was dancing and smiling and joining us on stage, we sold all the CDs we took with us (none for Tours doh!). It was also a bit crazy as an audience member was so over keen to dance with the girls there was nearly a fight!

The Vintage Nostalgia Festival 2012 was a hoot – the stage was invaded by toddlers who wanted to jump on the guitar pedals and bang on the drums – all while we’re playing!!!

The first song we wrote was…….Angel Eyes

It’s about……Being in lust!

What we are currently listening to….JD McPherson, Eva Eastwood, old school Elvis…Costello!!

A few albums we could never part with….Dance Album of Carl Perkins, The Traveling Wilburys, Bob Dylan Free Wheelin, Blondie -Live, the Pixies Surfer Rosa,
Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You … anything by ACDC, Lewis Jordan, The Collins Kids

For fun we like to…..make up ridiculous fictional Obscuritones album names (e.g. Band Sandwich, with album cover a picture of us between two slices of bread,

The Hairy-Backed Psychedelic Wokie of Love, cover would be a cartoon of us flying through the air hanging off Phil’s (fictional) hairy back, At Home with The Obscuritones and the follow up Homeless with The Obscuritones. You can see why we went with a self titled debut album (available now folks!!).

We also enjoy insulting each other, making each other laugh on stage with stupid faces and dance moves and general inappropriateness….

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us……no need to remember owt, this is fun escapism, we just hope it puts a spring in your step!!…. Unless you’ve not paid for it then remember to donate to The Obscuritones wink wink!!!!!!

Expect from us in 2014….brand spanking new self penned singles about London Town, sad cowgirls and a bit more lust!!! And of course general inappropriateness.


The Obscuritones, Facebook

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