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As we head towards the weekend it’s time for no nonsense kick ass rock ‘n’ roll. You remember the kind, guitars, drums, lyrics you can understand that don’t involve hating Mom or Dad. It’s all about the fun, kids and if your not in this game for fun, you might want to pick an easier way to make some cash, while you ponder all of that, give a listen to Action Jets, it’s like The Cars meet The Replacements and that seems like a bunch of fun…

We are….

Action Jets is a rockin’ power pop trio based in PHX AZ.

Action Dave – guitars, vocals, songwriter

Action Gary – drums, vocals

Action Jeff – bass, vocals

And our sound might be best described as….

Action Jets plays fast catchy, rock n roll songs with hooks and melodies. Some call it powerpop, though I think Action Jets is less clean that traditional bands in that genre. It’s dirty garage pop at times, it’s glammy sing-a-long pop, it’s heart-on-the-sleeve- Replacements-type rocker too! Ballads and folk weepies aren’t for us. We believe in the spirit of the Friday night rock show! Fists in the air pumping to the band! So you’ll hear a lot of cool drum parts and anthemic chords in our songs!

We are originally from…

Band is based in PHX, AZ – home of Super Bowl 2015, great weather, good eating and (yes 5 months of 100-degree-plus heat. But it’s a dry heat! Ha! Action Gary is originally from Rustbelt USA, Action Dave from urban Midwest, and Action Jeff from the Great State of Virginia.

Some that have had an influence on our sound…..

We like rock n roll! Specifically genres like garage rock, arena rock, punk rock, classic rock, power pop, indie rock and more. Stuff like new music from bands like Teenage Bottlerock, The Menzingers, The Orwells, Twin Peaks, Playboy Manbaby, and older stuff from the likes of The Strokes, The Hives, Tinted Windows, Teenage Fanclub, Tsar. Starz, UFO, The Ramones, The Clash, Joe Jackson, Slade, Generation X, The Jam, The Replacements, Guided by Voices, Green Day, Weezer, Soul Asylum, The Shadows of Knight, Nuggets, The Byrds, The Stones, The Monkees, etc. etc. etc.

What do you think about the state of rock ‘n’ roll in 2015?

We’re down for it! Aren’t music-oriented kids more interested in some fast and loud rock n roll, rather that soft, acoustic love songs or monotonous EDM? Bands like The Biters from Atlanta are putting out their message of the awesomeness of rock and roll on tours in the US! That’s the belief you can still have!

We knew we were going to be a Band when….

Ah, we’re not young kids anymore! We play in a band cause it’s in our blood, our DNA. What was that Primal Scream sample in their song? “We wanna get loaded and we wanna have a good time!” That kinda still holds true. Some guys grow up and play golf – we sling our guitars and drums to clubs and rock it out!

Our craziest gig ever was….

Still waiting to play one! Working toward Crazy!

What we are currently listening to….

Action Gary’s is listening to a lot of rare Columbian ju-ju music now, Action Jeff is honky-tonking in a western way, and Action Dave is playing his Guided by Voices box sets.

A few albums we could never part with….

Action Dave – The Jam: Setting Sons

Action Gary – Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffitti

Action Jeff – A Flock of Seagulls 1st LP

For fun we like to…..

Drink craft beer, single, double triple IPA all the way! We’re ready to be sponsored by Founders, or Big Daddy or Firestone or some other awesome brewery!

Our hopes for 2015…..

We’ve already released a few singles in 2015:

“Action Girl on Instagram” b/w “Action Party Epic Fun!” was our first single.

“In Your Arms Tonight” is our 2nd single.

We’re hoping to get it all together for an LP release by summer!

Action Jets, Facebook
Action Jets, Twitter

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