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Today you get to hear a few words from one of my favorite new bands of 2016, The Bidons. This band is all about the garage rock kick and that’s something I can wrap my head around. Sing along , dance have fun be 16 again but find a way to get yourself moving to the Bidon’s beat….
and just because they’re new to me doesn’t mean they are a new band , so here’s a little history..
The Bidons were born in 2005 when a bunch of rock’n’roll, garage and punk inspired fellows end up holding instruments and making tons of noise. The band gets around to be particularly productive over the years in the Southern Italy
underground scene by supporting international and national bands like Fuzztones, Dirtbombs, Crash Normal, Bradipos IV, Rippers, Pitch, Fratelli Calafuria, 24 Grana, 99 Posse e Joy Cut. In 2011, the band started to work out on their own material, both leaning on 60’s/70’s influenceand on personal research. In the April of 2012 their first album “Granma Killer!!!” was realeased,
a DIY production distributed by Area Pirata Rec.. In the same year, the tune Too Much Fun was selected to be part of a 3D short film soundtrack, produced by the Vancouver Film School.

On the 6th of December 2013, the band gave birth to their sophomore album “Back to the Roost”, which has been nicely welcomed by the critics. Thanks to their work, the band has toured across Italy all along 2014 and 2015.
At the end of 2014, the band faced a big change: the guitarist Nico Plescia left the band towards new musical horizon.

Between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, the band, in their new line-up, decided to start composing new song, twelve of them are the tracklist of their new album “Clamarama”. Nowadays, the Bidons’ line up is a Garage Rock Combo made by the founder Albino Cibelli (vocals), Gianmario Galano (guitar and backing vocals), Ezio Marinato (bass guitar and backing
vocals), Mario Siniscalco (Drums and percussion).

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Meet – The Bidons!

1) for those unfamiliar with your bands history, can you tell us all how you all met up and decided to start a band?

Well, it was just a coincidence or maybe the fate, but the truth is that we only wanted to make some noise. From time to time, The Bidons changed their face, acting like an artistic collective until today and here we are: Albino, Gianmario, Ezio, Mario.

2) who would you list as your musical influence?

Do you have time? Alright! Sonics, Stooges, 13th Floor Elevators, Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Hives, The Jam, Mando Diao, Radio Birdman, Dirtbombs and the holy trinity “Bowie-Reed-Pop”.

3) whats the coolest thing that’s happened to you as a band since you started up?

Too many things to be listed, but all packed in our experience bag. The best things of being a performer or a musician are to know funny people, to meet new friends, to share the stage with new bands and trying to match different style. All of those things feed your brain. We had some accidents too, but that’s another story…

4) what are your hopes and dreams as a band for the next few years?

Just playing some rock’n’roll, that’s what we want. Playing, writing, travelling, touring: pure life.

5) what are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Ty Segall – Manipulator

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Jack White – Lazaretto

6) Do you see any real use for social media , or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?

If Social medias didn’t exist, we could not get in touch with you.

7) Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off?

Well, you know, reviews are always a good thing, to be talked about is a good thing. However, we prefer to have an interaction with our fans, friends and psycho listeners because it is raw and real, because there’s something to share and save. Word of mouth, that’s the point.

8) If you could tour anywhere in the world , where would you want to go?

There are a lot of places we would love to go: Australia, USA, Japan, Naples, UK and Russia too.

9) Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life?

It is not about saving your soul, but making your soul immortal. Music can fucking do it!

10) Any last thoughts for your fans?

Just spread our message everywhere and keep on moving to the Bidons’ beat.

The Bidons:
The Bidons – Area Pirata Bandcamp


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