Get Your Glam On , New Video from – Savoy Motel


First off, you can not fake being cool, if you fake it , everyone knows it , Savoy Motel are the real deal. Does she seriously have a whip.. I mean this band is cool , I have to put the video on pause just so I can think of what to say. It’s like young americians bowie meeting up with T Rex. Such a unique take on glam. If you’re not a fan yet of Savoy Motel, best be doing it now cause pretty soon, you’ll just be jumping on a bandwagon. And it’s always more fun to say you’ve been listening to them since they started.

here’s some news!!
Debut LP/CD out October 21st on What’s Your Rupture?

Savoy Motel: savvvvvoy
What’s Your Rupture?


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