George Brigman – ‘Jungle Rot’

Jungle Rot is the attitude-filled opening track from George Brigman’s self-recorded album of the same name. Teenage George had been writing songs for years and took it upon himself to record some of them in the rough, distorted and loud style he wanted to hear. He got himself a four-track, borrowed a bass and a drummer and put together his own little collection of Iggy-esque, psychedelic, garage-punk cuts.

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These recordings were meant for himself and no one else but a pressing of 1000 copies of Jungle Rot ended up being released in 1975. Musical tastes having caught up with young George’s vision in the intervening years, the  album has been re-released in various formats at various times since. The whole album is a chaotic, acid-soaked, discombobulating treat, but Jungle Rot is the pick. It’s like a mind-expanding precursor to the Sex Pistols’ Problems.

So, what’s the song about? George himself explained it in a comprehensive 2017 interview with the excellent Psychedelic Baby Magazine:

“The title track was about Ronnie Collier’s wife Janice. She was a hottie and a sweet girl and Ronnie would always tease me about having to kill the both of us if we stepped out. So hence ‘Jungle Rot’; All you had to do was watch Janice slinking away with her sassy walk. That’s the rhythm right there. Great girl.”

Now, honestly, I’m not 100% convinced George has fully explained the story of the song here, but I’m satisfied that it seems suitably sleazy.

On the back of Jungle Rot George got a few bands together over the years – The George Brigman Band, Hogwash, Split – before taking a break and getting into software, ice hockey and greyhound rescue. He’s now back recording again and releases old and new material online via his website. If you want to look into adopting one of his rescued greyhounds, this is the place.

Because Benny Two-Shoes knows his stuff, he covered George Brigman and Split for another excellent 50thirdand3rd Record of the Day last year. And there are plenty more gems waiting to be discovered in George’s discography.


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