GEOFF PALMER – New Video for ‘Giving In’ from the forthcoming LP ‘Pulling Out All the Stops’

Geoff Palmer, from one of our fav bands – The Connection, has a solo album coming out. ‘Pulling Out All the Stops‘ is out June 7th via Stardumb Records on vinyl and Rum Bar Records on CD.

Geoff has a fine rock and roll pedigree from The Connection to his band The Guts, as well as a stint in The Queers as a teenager. He also played guitar in The Nobodys, and formed The New Trocaderos with Brad Marino, Kurt Baker and Kris Rodgers.

The latest single from the forthcoming record ‘Giving In‘ is a textbook power pop number with ultra-melodic guitar hooks and a simple, memorable melody.

For what it’s worth, the accompanying video may or may not pay homage to the classic Replacements vid for ‘Bastards of Young’ but like Westerberg, Palmer can write a hook with the best of them.

Pre-order the CD from Rum Bar Records here and the vinyl from Stardumb Records here.

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