Fuzzy Surf/Psyche Garage Rock, Out Of Denver….Meet, Thee Dang Dangs


Not the 1st time that I’ve talked about Thee Dang Dangs, that would be here..Thee Dang Dangs. To me, this is the best of all worlds wrapped into one fuzzy trippy world. Think mashing The Creeping Ivies with The Black Angels and here you go..

Hi our name is….

Thee Dang Dangs

And our sound might be best described as….

Psych, surf, garage, with some shoegaze

We are…..

Rebecca Williams- vocals, guitar, keys
Ray Koren- guitar, keys

Scott Gervais- drums

Matt Lane- Bass

We are originally from…..

Rebecca is from Denver.
Scott from Reno and California.

Matt is a Coloradan as well.

Ray is from Cleveland

The first time we met was…..

Ray and Rebecca met at a pub/restaurant in Denver called Pub on Penn. I think the story basically goes that Rebecca’s friend started talking to Ray and Rebecca overheard something about Ray being in a band. The rest of the story, as best recalled, is that after being ready to branch off from the projects they were working on at the time, they decided to just play together to see what happened. Rebecca met Scott through a mutual friend who knew Scotty wanted to do more with music in Denver after moving there from Manitou Springs, and Portland before that. At the time he was in a punk band and Thee Dang Dangs had a drummer who was just filling in while searching for a permanent member. Matt and Rebecca met through former bands as well, and kept in contact. When Thee Dang Dangs publicly announced the need for a new bassist,

Matt contacted Rebecca about it and auditioned for the role. Bam. New bassist.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Ray says it was when he first saw Rebecca’s band at the time play. Rebecca was ready to move on to playing with different people, and at the time Ray and the first drummer for Thee Dang Dangs were in another project together also ready to move on. After just meeting a few times to play to see if there was any chemistry a show was already in the works; so they sort of had to come up with a band name and a set in a hurry.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

We all are still employed at different places (none of us want to be). Ray works in marketing. Rebecca’s works as a bicycle mechanic and climbing instructor. Matt tells people what to wear, and Scotty works in the MMJ industry.

The first song we wrote was…….

Not 100% certain about the first song. Rebecca had songs in the cooker and brought those to the table, and Ray had “Midnight come rolling”, pretty much finished. Rebecca just changed a few things to fit lyrics in. The first songs we can recall were Hourglass, Cowboy, and Midnight.

It’s about……

Hourglass is essentially about time slipping away, and a lost love. Not to go into a whole discussion about each line. We could do that with each song, but it would take quite awhile. Cowboy is basically about a desert person who can’t be tied down. Midnight is a song you’d sing at night roaming through alley ways in a fog. Also sort of about the hurricane that is ones mind. Thoughts. about everything. I think most of the songs are. Lyrically anyway.

What we are currently listening to….

This is loaded. I think we all listen to a lot of different things. Ray picked me up for practice today and he was playing some hip hop. This morning I was listening to Ravi Shankar. It can range anywhere from old jazz tunes to hip hop and metal. Not kidding. On our last tour there was a long stretch we had to drive, and to stay awake Ray played metal. Loudly.

For fun we like to…..

Play music. Not to sound cliché. We all gave this answer. Rebecca gets nerdy about bicycles and rock climbing. Scotty likes hiking. Most of us like the outdoor aspect that Colorado has to offer.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to Thee Dang Dangs……

Just listen. Connect and feel the words and rhythms. Get angry. Get sad. It’s about humanity.


Expect us to work really hard at what we want to accomplish. An ep recorded in January and another full length in the summer. We work tirelessly at getting our music out there. It’s a very tough, saturated market and we have decided to succeed in it.

Thee Dang Dangs, Bandcamp

Thee Dang Dangs, Twitter

Thee Dang Dangs, Facebook

Thee Dang Dangs, Vimeo

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