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Future Thieves

A couple of weeks ago my song of the day was “Rosie” by Future Thieves. A couple of weeks ago you said, holy shit I need to know more about this band and their latest album, Horizon Line. Well I give you more. I cannot keep this interview to myself any longer. A little backdrop into this fairly young band, is that they are four guys who have joined in Nashville to do a little old school rock. They are collecting a fair amount of rave reviews to anyone who sees them perform live and they say this is only the beginning. Future Thieves has performed at some awesome stages including starting out at The Basement here in Nashville and playing their first festival at Bonnaroo, although they are quite modest about it all. They just love playing music. It shows. Their sound comes together so seamlessly. Heavy hitting drum beats, guitar riffs for days, strong vocals met with the articulate and aggressive bass that holds it all together. But don’t just take my word for it of course, check them out yourselves. I got to catch up with Nick Goss of the band, read what he has to say about their sound, their energy, and their future… Meet Future Thieves!

– Who is Future Thieves?

Future Thieves is a 4 piece rock group made up of Elliot Collett (guitar, vox), Austin McCool (guitar, hair), Gianni Gibson (drums) and myself, Nick Goss on bass. We formed a couple of years ago and things have been picking up from there!

– Describe your new album, Horizon Line.

Horizon Line is an energetic first push for us as a band. The songs on the record encompass the first year of being a band. Rock riffs, piano ballads, everything in between. The sound itself comes from an energetic atmosphere, playing and recording in our basement in Nashville as a whole band. Then the mixing and producing of Alex Jarvis took it to a whole new level sonically. We’re extremely happy with the result we got. We love playing the songs live and we are getting some solid reactions to it.

– Every song is full of emotion and the band radiates energy during live shows, where does that come from?

The emotion on the record comes from just being ourselves. Recording and rehearsing in our own studio makes for an honest product. The atmosphere keeps us fresh.
As far as live energy…we get that from each other. The 4 of us have wanted a band just like this one for our entire lives. We each get to play what’s natural on our instrument, and luckily it sounds good together as a unit. Then on stage we just vibe off of each other. We love playing live and seeing people react, it’s by far our favorite part of being in a band.

– Where did you come up with the name “Future Thieves”?

Elliot was out in LA writing some tunes and it came to him while working in the studio out there. It’s also great for the online presence, not a lot gets in the way. Except some girls underwear site…

– You have had some pretty stellar reviews, how do you deal with what the media writes?

We’re very happy people are enjoying the shows and album. Means a lot to us to be connecting on different levels with a new audience. But we don’t get caught up in it. We work hard to keep the music interesting and that’s all we should worry about.

– Festival v. Concerts?

We’re still fairly new to both, all things considered. But the answer…both. We love recording, travelling, writing, etc. But live shows are everything for us. Festivals are fun because of the hype and atmosphere around them. The production, food, and crowds are always a treat. Concerts on the other hand are much more focused on you the band and the connection with the audience. Either way, there’s people in the crowd who genuinely enjoy our music. Hard to pick which is better when that’s the common denominator.

– What was it like playing Bonnaroo?

Amazing. It was my first festival experience ever, playing or attending. Gianni had been to Roo a few times before to watch, but all 4 of us were first time Bonnaroo performers. There’s more to Bonnaroo than you could ever experience in 4 days…maybe even 20 days. The people attending are so excited to be a part of it, and the lineup is always well put together. We were overwhelmed to get the call to play, and having such a festival on our resume goes a long way.

– If you could play any stage in the world, where would that be?

I can’t speak for all the guys, but we’ve group daydreamed about it. We all want to play the Ryman. Then there’s places like The Palace in Louisville, Irving Plaza in NYC where we saw some buddies play while we were on tour, Red Rocks, etc. But the peak would be places like a packed 02 Arena, main stage at Bonnaroo, Slane Castle.

Future Thieves

A huge thanks to Nick Goss for allowing me into his brain for a bit! I am really excited to see where this band will go this year. Check out their website for upcoming tour dates and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Order their new album Horizon Line and get lost in the sound of Future Thieves.

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