New York trash duo ¡VAMANOS! lay down some seriously high-octane rock and roll on their brand spanking new record ‘STREETWALKER‘ out via King Pizza April 13th. We’ve got the Full Stream Premiere and a little Q&A.

This album rocks like a sucker punch! It’s lean and mean but blasting with energy, catchy shout-alongs, wailing guitars and machine gun drums. A true sonic barrage. These two play their instruments like their lives depend on it and every song sounds like both of the boys have 8 arms apiece.

And hooks….? Yeah we got ’em – just try to get a song like ‘Anxiety‘ out of your head. Listening to ‘STREETWALKER‘ is like blowing out your speakers with MC5, New York Dolls, New Bomb Turks and the Stooges all playing at the same time.


Vamanos Tape Release w Absolutely Not, The Royal They, Nick Cage
Sat April 13.
Our Wicked Lady – Brooklyn

¡VAMANOS! are:
Alex Knoche – Guitar, Vox
Tyler Bower – Drums, Vox

It’s been three years between releases, what gives? What have you been up to?

In support of our 10” we released 3 years ago, we spent on a 20ish day tour. Upon returning, we got back to writing and playing locally in NYC. Sometime after that Alex, suffered a very serious accident which led to him breaking his jaw and shattering his wrist. It took him 6 months to heal physically. Healing physically was a major challenge, but improving mental health is an even tougher and important thing to face. It took us a long time to get to a place where we felt we were both ready to get back on the road and release new material.

How did the writing and recording of STREETWALKER come together?

This time around Alex had a lot more to say up front. He would come in with a progression/riff and a verse and hook. We would then develop the rest of the composition together.

As far as recording, we planned on getting into the studio in the early summer of 2018 and release these tracks in the winter of the same year. However, we had a falling out with our old engineer. LONG STORY. Anyways, it proved to be a blessing because we found, Lucas Carpenter, and we think he proved to be a much better, if not perfect, fit for our sound. Love ya, Lucas!

A few titles seem a little darker…Anxiety, I Don’t Care, Dark Thoughts…how do
you approach writing lyrics.

After the accident, writing lyrics really took a turn. I (Alex) was dealing with mental health issues (still am), along with the daily trudge of everyday life. I was using words as a way to embrace any negative emotions or impulses I was having. I could put these thoughts and feelings onto paper and into performance which serves as a temporary release from the constant strain.

Tell us about your gear.

We are by no means gear heads, but we do like our current rig which we find ourselves partial to. We use a 90’s Fender Twin Reverb ’65 reissue. We usually have two different speakers in there which are currently, a custom Weber speaker and a Red Coat Eminence. We run an extension Directly from the Twin into a 70’s Fender Bassman cab for a wider sound spectrum. Alex’s sole pedal at the moment is a PROCO RAT. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SHRED!


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