Fruit Tones – Ripe And Ready 7″ REVIEW

Ripe And Ready
"Ripe And Ready" Fruit Tones

Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words what it is about garage rock that I love so much. The growl of distorted guitars, the reverb, the guerrilla style recording. I love all of those things but it doesn’t really pinpoint why. Maybe garage rock is a genre that’s can’t be defined by mere words? The best way to describe it could very will be Ripe And Ready, the new 7″ from Fruit Tones. 

Gnarly, ferocious, empowering and fun are the main ingredients of Ripe And Ready.

With all the tongue-in-cheek pop hooks of The New York Dolls and charismatic chaos of Stooges era of Iggy Pop, Fruit Tones have been doing their thing for a few years. Delivering all the attitude of an underground punk outfit with the sticky sweet pop sensibility of a pop band. Their sound is pure and simple: rock n roll with hooks. no tricks.

Ripe And Ready is only a 4 track EP but it has no time for filler or padding. Kicking things off with “Pick My Bones”, the only time you won’t be thrashing in place is when you’re flipping it to side B. Power chords, distorted vocals and the insatiable taste for a classic rock n roll beat, it’s next to impossible to sit still while listening. It’s the kind of music that begs to be the soundtrack of a good time.

With no ballad in sight and an album cover featuring a grinning hotdog, it’s obvious Fruit Tones refuse to take themselves seriously.

Fruit Tones clearly know how to have a good time and every second of each song shows that. It’s almost like it’s own instrument. Ripe And Ready is the epitome of garage rock. Just the right amount of attitude and punk rock swagger to keep it from being self-aware. The fun had on this 7″ isn’t a gimmick, it’s the fabric of rock n roll itself.

Released on vinyl exclusively through Greenway Records, Ripe And Ready is available on two very limited variants. “Honey Mustard” yellow at 200 copies, and the “Ketchup and Mustard” splatter at 100 copies. As with most special variants at Greenway, the splatter edition features exclusive alternate art by Dan Curran.

If you’re not sure what defines garage rock as a sub-genre, this release is all you need to be hooked.

For more infortation on Fruit Tones, please visit them on Facebook.

To purchase Ripe And Ready on limited edition vinyl, please visit Greenway Records.

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