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I’ve waited awhile for this album to hit the streets. Now that it’s out, my mission is to get as many people to listen to this excellent record as possible. If the cover of this album isn’t enough , you and I disagree. In the old days we sometimes had to pick out our records by the covers, before all these ways to pre listen came about, for me some of those albums included my 1st New York Dolls and my 1st The  Cramps , if I saw this album cover back then , I would buy this and take my chance that the record lived up to the coolness of the cover. I’m here to tell you that this Album is as cool as the cover, if you want to question my judgment then I win either way. You would have at least taken the time out of your busy chaotic life to  give The Launderettes a well deserved spin. The good folks at Wicked Cool Records have given me the okay to post a few songs, so before I give you a few more reasons to add this album (Vinyl) to your collection, I want to say thank you to Wicked Cool Records. Wicked Cool Records is Little Stevens’ creation. To me Little Steven is the Yoda of Rock n Roll. No one knows the history of Rock n Roll as well, no one can surpass his skill of  knowing what constitutes a cool sound , no one has  ever given a cooler speech at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremonies  , and it should come as no surprise that he has picked The Launderettes to be on his label. The label evolved out of Little Steven’s weekly syndicated radio show Little Steven’s Underground Garage which you should be listening to right NOW,

GETAWAY, The Launderettes fourth studio album and 1st for Wicked Cool is inspired by the hardboiled pulp novel The Killer Inside Me (1952) by Jim Thompson. The protagonist of the novel gets away with living a double life as a serial killer, and the book has developed a cult following because the story is told through the eyes of a twisted, sadistic psychopath.  The Launderettes use GETAWAY as a means to end the story differently. The band returns to the desert to explore the good and evil in everyone, sharing the struggle of choosing between wrong and right.

Here are some tracks from GETAWAY

I picked these 3 songs to sum up the vibe of “Getaway” From Oslo, Norway , The Launderettes lay down some kick ass garage rock. This album has all the ingredients , mixed to perfection, cool organ, guitar riffs throughout, not to mention the pounding drums there’s enough to keep you dancing and singing all day and all night long. “The Beat Dropped has a bit more of a pop garage beat held together by some cool bass work. The Vocals are spot on, throwing some names out there in the who do they sound like, how about a mix of Amy Gore and Holly Golightly, all right, now that I have your attention  give a listen…

The Beat Dropped

You Know I’m Right

Just Dropped In

I’m going to give you one more reason to buy this on Vinyl….


what are you waiting for, you work hard , go ahead, buy it HERE

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