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This is not the 1st time that I have written about The Sufis, that would be here…The Sufis
If your looking for some tunes that take you back into the days of trippy sounds, your going to be loving this. When I think of groups that come close to reminding me of the brilliance of John Lennon, 3 come to mind. Dr Dog, Ty Segall, and The Sufis. The Sufis are on my short list of best new bands and I’m looking forward to their next Album….

Hi our name is…. The Sufis.

And our sound might be best described as…. psychedelic or outsider pop.

We are…..Calvin Laporte & Evan Smith.

We are originally from…..Dubai and Cleveland

The first time we met was…..the first day of college in Nashville. We bonded over usual stuff like cigarettes and weed, but we soon realized how much we both loved music – so we hung out all the time.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………Ample Play and Burger Records asked to put out our first record. We were just making music for fun until then.

Before starting the band we were employed as……. office drones for a short time until I had a mental freak out and quit.

The first song we wrote was…….Sri Sai Flora.

It’s about……lots of different things. Each verse is a little world of its own.

What we are currently listening to….Plastic Ono Band. I just played it sooo loud, it’s one of my favorite records of all time.

For fun we like to…..listen to, write and record music. We live in a world of sound. We also like to hang out with our friend’s bands and talk shop. I’m really into cooking too, I would have totally worked at a restaurant if I didn’t fall into making music.

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us……is that The Shaggs are our favorite band.

Expect…..a couple singles, maybe an album and a short American tour

From us in 2014

The Sufis, Facebook

Ample Play , (Read More and Buy Stuff)

Much thanks to The Sufis and the good folks at Ample Play for scoring this Interview for us!!

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