From Lueneburg near Hamburg , Rockabilly from Hepcazz



Members: Slapcat Gressy, Slidingcat Andy, Reverend Diggin’ Beatcat

Sounds Like: Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, Rockabilly Revival, Rockabilly

Label: Membran Entertainment Group, Hamburg Germany

Tales from the Hepcazz by The Hepcazz: pure rockabilly

Tales from the Hepcazz is the name of the first CD by the German rockabilly band “Hepcazz”, published by Membran Entertainment Group, Hamburg. Following the true 1980s’ rockabilly revival style, Tales from the Hepcazz features powerful drumbeats and string bass in combination with a pre-eminent guitar. The charismatic voices of Slapcat Gressy and Slidingcat Andy add sophistication to this bombastic sound. There are no cover versions on this album – instead, the boys from Lueneburg near Hamburg present their very own, honest songs, full of variety, musically ambitious and with original lyrics.

With a lovingly designed 36-page booklet including an illustrated 1950s’ song comic created by The Hepcazz and 14 original, crisp new rockabilly tracks, Tales from the Hepcazz is an absolute must for any 1950s’ and rockabilly aficionado.

The rockabilly trio, Hepcazz

The Hepcazz are three young musicians hailing from Lueneburg near Hamburg who live and breathe 1950s’ American rock music. Their high-voltage, compact sounds are died-in-the-wool rockabilly – straight from the heart and with audible joy in each track.

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