Frantic Female Fury MADONNATRON Scored One Of The Best Albums Of 2017 – Here’s Their Track-By-Track Story…

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“We won’t be making you a sandwich motherfuckers”MADONNATRON

Artwork self-titled debut…

Female turbo MADONNATRON is one of the most rip-roaring bands I heard all year. Four frank post-punk ladies out of London sounding like voodoo priestesses eager to mess up your mind. They don’t write songs about the birds and the bees, but outspoken incantations about uneasy issues such as filicide, witchcraft, bitches, fatal attraction and funerals. Sonically, their tribal, sultry grooves and hypnotic vibrations fueled with menacing harmonies will magnetize you from start to finish. Their powerful debut is without a shadow of a doubt one of my top five longplayers of 2017. That’s why I asked these utterly cool feminists to tell the story of each and every track of their self-titled firstborn themselves. Spit it out, devils…

Here’s your new sonic religion…

Here are the prayers one by one…

“This was the first piece of music we wrote together as a 4 piece, during the first rehearsal
with Charlotte in the early manifestations of the Tron when Melary was still in the band. Slightly nervous hysteria in the room generated the swampy mania we now refer to as Headless. The top line for the now chorus was written days before the final mix of the track, as Steph realised in a state of alcohol-fuelled euphoria that the focus of the song was subconsciously always augmented around the grotesque tale of La Llorona, Ghoulish infanticide story from Mexican Folklore...”

The spooky clip…

“This was the first recording we made with Trashmouth Records after a succession of days in Paul Of Sound’s darkened warehouse in deepest Croydon, London. Liam from Trashmouth had heard a rehearsal recording in which elements of the song existed as a jam, and insisted on recording it for release as part of Trashmouth Records Record Store Day EP in 2016. We had zero time to think about it, it was almost entirely improvised really, but the sentiment was born out of horror at the Paris massacre that took place during November 2015.”

“This song was always essentially a dystopian lament of sorts, even in its earliest incarnations. The top line had to be completely rewritten in under a week, as Melary, our then front person dropped out of the band moments before the final mixes were due for mastering. It’s a call to persons far and wide to hold on to their humanity in the face of an age that aims to replace all spiritual desire with commodity and/or synthetic consciousness. There is an underlying feeling that we should all throw our devices in the sea and become cult Survivalist freaks.”

Meet some cult survival freaks… (photo: (C) Rowan Allen)

“This is, well, very rude really. I think we were all a bit depraved and megalo-manic when this came to fruition.”

“This song is fairly self-explanatory. Fatal attraction has a place in everyone’s heart surely??? Poor fluffy.”

Be scared…

“This is a song about Violent Denial. The point at which there is too much cheese in the Green Room. Let’s pray that we are spared this ascent up our own arses…”

“This piece is a reflection on the way Beth’s biological father managed spectacularly not to attend his mother’s funeral. Hence the title. This is our offering by way of rebuke.”

“But which one???”

Here’s one…

“This was the last song on the album to be mixed, and was a sporadic psychedelic spoof jazz free for all, right up until the last minute. This was another we rewrote after Mel’s departure at very short notice, and it mutated from the tale of three marriages into a murder fest all on its own. We had aspired to fill it with the sweet sound of Sax and Horn ( no pun intended) but were out of time and so it remains somewhat understated and creepy… there are some
strong messages here chaps. ”

“This was a song that happened almost exactly as you hear it at random in a jam one day, that we thankfully had recorded. It was unplanned and unexplained, and emerged like some kind of voodoo mojo chant at a point when we must have arguably been experiencing some kind of musical euphoria, probably as we had finally started to understand how to play our instruments better. When we heard it back we rapturously tried to re-create it and failed. It was a total bitch. It took us a couple of months to figure out how we had done it. It involved going over the same parts over and over and a host of expletives. Once we had actually figured it out, we were properly Rachmaninoff. The subject matter is best explained by watching the video we have lovingly made to accompany the track.”

Many thanks for guiding us through the album, ladies.
May the road rise with MADONNATRON

The record was digitally released last July but the band recently announced it will be available also on CD from Friday 24th November on via Trashmouth Records. All details here. Don’t hesitate, this is the perfect soundtrack to fire up your neighborhood on Xmas Day.

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