The Frank Zappa Obsession

I’m listening to The Gumbo Variations for the first time, realizing that Galactic exists because of Frank Zappa. I am hearing how every jam band should aspire to be a Zappa-esque endeavor, and how every jam band has taken a piece of Zappa with them – as they should.

After hearing a rumor that Phish could cover Frank Zappa for their famous annual Halloween surprise, I thought…I don’t know shit about Frank Zappa. And that is sad. And I am going to Vegas to see Phish over Halloween weekend. So I dove in head first into the psychedelic jam band fantastical ridiculous and hysterical journey that is Frank Zappa.

I am currently obsessed with HOT RATS. Willie the Pimp blew my mind, and I quickly discovered Phish covers of Peaches en Regalia.

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Frank Zappa was a maniac. He deserves your respect. And if Phish covered them on Halloween night come this Vegas, I would die and go to heaven.

I think I love jam bands because of the musical chaos created that oddly makes beautiful sense. People coming together to make music that will only be made on one magical night and no other. It’s the beauty of Phish and why I am so in love with them. They make sense out of the chaos that is life by making beautiful sounds that take you away and give you joy – with no plan. What’s a greater gift in this life?

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