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This is the 1st of a new series for us at 50thirdand3rd. It’s an Interview with new bands a sort of let’s get to know who they are . Our first “Meet” is a very cool Band out of London, Rouge. In my opinion, this is a Band to watch out for , they might be under the radar today but I don’t expect that to last for long. I look for big things to happen for them in 2014. Just give a listen to this powerful new voice and you’ll be hooked…….

 we are Rouge

The kind of sexy, gritty blues rock that you want to do dirty things to. We’ve been described as the naughty bastard child of Deap Vally and Haim before, which is pretty cool as they are our two of our influences.
Who’s Who ,In Our Band…. Becky Vixen (guitar, vocals and sassy diva), Simone (guitar, vocals and coconut fairy), Nicole (drums, vocals and very blonde) and Ruby (bass and full time cat-lover). We’re all a little bit strange.
We are original from around the magical fairyland of High Wycombe, though we describe ourselves as a London based band as that’s where we all are at the moment.
The first time we were all together was at our first practice! Becky had been trying to get a girl band together for a long time, she knew Nicole from a music tuition school where they taught together, they met Simone at a party and Ruby joined the band by accident.
We’re still the same as when we started the band to be honest. Ruby works as a designer at a fashion boutique, Simone and Nicole are studying music, and Becky was working in accountancy firm, everything’s still the same except Becky ditched the super cool accountancy job and is now at Uni.
The first song we wrote was Prey on You – my Dad loved it.
It’s about having fun. Whilst we work very hard trying to be the best musical fairies we can be, you can’t take yourself too seriously, we’re just four glittery ladies wanting to rock out, be a little crazy and make sweet music!
One thing to remember when listening to our music… Well, we’ve been basing our music on sex recently, not necessarily in content (although that does seem to happen sometimes) but in structure. We like to start off by teasing you, then building it up, making you want more, almost giving you full satisfaction, then slowing down and then releasing everything at once for a magical ear orgasm.
Except new music, lots of gigging and excessive amounts of glitter from us in 2014.

You Are Here

Rouge Website

Rouge 1st Album “Wilderness” comes out 11-25-2013.

Interview made by Scott Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013

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